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Stay Warrior

edgeoftomorrowStay, please?

That could have been the world ending

Could have been a murderous fight

Could have been the fall from a tower

Could have been the endless night

But you were


Far above the eagles

You were on top of them all

You put down the mighty hammer

And made everyone crawl away you were


Too much for anyone to cross now

Too much the man eating beast

Too quick for the man or boss

A visual feast

But I


I can’t keep a warrior alone no

Can’t stop the Hero’s parade

Can’t keep him just for my own they tell me

No matter the prayers I’ve prayed


But I still want you to


You’re still my angel baby


Please don’t ever go away


Stay yeah



You were always in my heart baby

Then you took your merciless stand

It would tear me apart now baby

If I can’t keep my man



Stay, stay, stay

Stay, stay, stay

Just help me face another day

Stay, stay, stay



2 comments on “Stay Warrior

  1. Ruby Slaughter
    June 25, 2014

    I like it! Thanks for sharing.

    • Dan Holden
      June 25, 2014

      Thank you!

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