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Idiot Jumping from Space

Dancing on beachNot sayin’ it’s the end

Just sayin’ the blue sky is out again

Lookin’ at clover and horses and meadows

Makes me feel high again

Higher than a meteor meeting the Russians

Higher than an idiot jumping from space

It’s a long way down from here I know yeah

But there’s a stupid grin on my face

And it’s all about feeling good

Feeling good for no good reason

Feeling good it’s like it’s treason

They’re all saying it’s wrong wrong wrong

But I can’t help it I feel

Stone cold crazy rollin down an

Extreme sports slide

I can’t tell if it’s just a really bad bad bad bad idea

Or a grand old time

That’s why I’m keeping my slip-on tennis and tossing my

Patent leather taps

There isn’t a soul I report to

I couldn’t give one tenth of a crap

Why you should think I’m wasting my time here

I really couldn’t agree more

In fact I think I’ll just push my ass over and slide

It out that door

I bid you one million good byes and fifty million hellos

Cause there’s a sunny day on the horizon

And all that music that she blows

Is blowing my way, way, way

Shiny and crystal and clear

Too loud to ignore it

Too good not to hear

It keeps me smiling and dancing and weeping and prancing

And nodding my head just the same as everyone

Else I know there, can’t even remember one name

Because it’s all, hi hi hi there,

Boy what a wonderful day

When the song goes and the sound blows and the light glows and the night knows

There really is no other way hey hey hey hey

Really is no other way

Couldn’t get over

Wouldn’t get older

Shouldn’t stay out one more day

But I’m gonna anyway, anyway

I’m gonna anyway hey hey hey hey

Yay yay


One comment on “Idiot Jumping from Space

  1. Ruby Slaughter
    February 20, 2013

    I LIKE it! Keep up the good work.

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