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Dan Holden’s Best Creative Writing of 2012

pickup girlI was thinking earlier today that I didn’t do very much creative writing this year, but then I decided to do a retrospective post on the pieces that I did write and was pleasantly surprised to count quite a few pieces on the blog.

This post highlights the few pieces that I thought reflect my best work for the year.  I’d love to get your feedback!

Clearly Lost on Christmas Eve is an autobiographical retrospective on my life, including my disillusionment with the Catholic church, exploration of other forms of spirituality and return to a simple set of spiritual principles.

Four Stones is a murder mystery set in a hospital room where a dying patriarch utters a strange confession.

Big John’s Passing takes place on a small island ruthlessly dominated by a big personality.

The Runner is a reflection on my earlier passion for running and the feelings it evoked in me. It got a lot of readership during the Olympics.

To Cokes, A Colt, and A Hot-Blooded Filly is a character sketch of a psycho farmer’s daughter.

Memorial Days is a fast-paced introspection, invoking the emotions of 250 years of warriors.

Sweeping Secrets is the story of a Canadian Native grappling with survival, culture, and her role in the tribe.

Like Jiminy Cricket is a character study of a rich young American half-heartedly listening to his conscience.

Old Friends is a horror story. How would you feel if you woke up next to a dead person? What would you do if he came back to life?

El Corazon del Valle is a Valentine’s Day tribute to Spanish and Mexican romanticism.

The Poet in Me can never fulfill his love for a Latin lesbian. Sigh.

Pocketful of Cash recounts my early years working with migrant laborers in the strawberry fields of Oregon.

Kimiko, A Christmas Story was actually published on Christmas Day 2011. It’s the story of two little girls – one of Japanese descent, one the daughter of a white field hand, who met in California during World War II.

Finally, Taking Forever is one of the oldest short stories on En Vidrio, but in March 2012 it won First Place in a Mashable short story contest on February 12, 2012.

On the whole, I guess it was a very productive year for me from a creative writing perspective. Not especially rewarding monetarily, but hugely rewarding personally.


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