En Vidrio

Dan Holden's Creative Writing

First Spell – A Halloween Poem

We’re in a field, connected by emotions, Mary, Ali and me

Rain into river, a flowing potion, soaked as the wide willow tree

Lightning crackles, holds us in shackles

Nowhere to go or to be

We’re cast in a spell on a stormy dell, Mary, Ali and me

It started on Sunday, rained into Monday, dawn broke grey and wet

We ventured out one way, back to the same day, never more we could get

Now comes again, like colts in a pen

A circle where time is reset

Walk on, walk on from daybreak to dawn never beyond this day yet

We sat in the rain, watched day turn again, over and on and on

We held hands together through hot misty weather, finally breaking in song

‘Day into night, dark into light

The spell we are under is strong

Who keeps us together? Who cast this heather? And what have we done so wrong?’

Mud river flows in a circle it goes around our willow tree

Swift and wild, a spoiled weather child keeps in Mary and Ali and me

Rain into river, dawn into daybreak

Tempestuous storm round the tree

We knelt at the edge and made our pledge to break the spell and go free

We’re certain the wild was cast by a child within Mary or Ali or me

Fearing the day or to walk our way she cast us by this tree

We chant together, ‘Break this weather

Set our world again free!’

Her spirit is strong but so is the song of Mary, Ali and me

Moon behind clouds like veils and shrouds, makes the willow a shimmering lace

We sit below and watch the glow of its mocking laughing face

A spell or a dream? Is it all that it seems?

Imprisoned or touched by grace?

Asleep by the tree, Mary, Ali and me brought along to this mystery place

The spell to break we must awake stronger than the child

Only friends before we must do more to keep her calm and mild

“Fire and rain, never again to spell us here alone

Our song be more, our own true door to wake us from the wild

“Rain be stopped, river gone, moonlight over mist

The willow blows, the dream-spell goes

Each friend is hugged and kissed

Nights into days, through our own separate ways, unbound by the witch’s kiss”

The children were born on the same spring morn to Mary and Ali and me

And every October when the harvest is over

We meet at the old willow tree

Where spells are cast and time holds fast for witches and children and thee


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This entry was posted on October 31, 2012 by in Creative.
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