En Vidrio

Dan Holden's Creative Writing

For Maria Pavao

We cling to a cultural expectation that everything should make sense, emotionally.

The laws of physics and the inevitable return to chaos are never violated in the world we perceive, but they cannot rule our feelings.

Magic and miracles are our own creation, comfort against the dreariness of disorder. Love colors the world with meaning.

The universe is a blank slate upon which we can draw, plan, create anything we wish, for whatever reason we may design.

Have fun with it, or teach.

Explore our desperation and solitude, or glory in our lust for power.

Be a fairy on the shoulder of a life as it unravels or the mother who shelters the child with no family.

Celebrate each random delight that comes your way.


One comment on “For Maria Pavao

  1. DEBBY White
    August 12, 2012

    Geat writing once more.

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