En Vidrio

Dan Holden's Creative Writing

The Economics of Strategic Despair

Thousands of faces flash through my mind
A million emotions and some not so kind
I remember the shells and the gun in my face
I have no illusions about the hate in this race

See what you look for, find what you pray
Live for your fantasy but not in today
The present is some kind of trick, you will say
This life is a test and you’ve bought all the A’s
Your bumper sticker slogans say ‘Keep the rest down’
Keep the brothers and sisters crawling on the ground
You accuse them abuse them as reluctant trash
Package their morsels and take all their cash
Let the grandmothers raise the babies you say
Lock up the parents no books today
These trash people cut into your profits each time
They come to your business and stand in your line
It’s a wonder they breathe or just get around
You stuff them with neoprene junk that you found
Why is it the babies can’t talk anymore?
Do you really care or is the mama your whore
Your benevolent checks are blood money you ass
To stay away from your home and stay off of your grass
No defense for your economics of strategic despair
It’s a war you are winning so why should you care
You’ve got foot soldiers, dreamers with lotto-glazed minds
Thinking you are the leader of their chosen kind,
The magic threes, twenty sevens and eights
As if you hold success, destiny and fate
But truth is a bitch and she’s PMS on you
Your calculated starvation has pissed more than a few
Your brain twisting greed has you thinking you’re smart
But you’re tearing our lives and our families apart
Don’t think we can’t see your high volume sport
Your stock market scores and security report
When the numbers come in at the end of the day
You’ll be battered and shattered and we won’t go away


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