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Live Like You Were Dying: Hugh’s Story

Normally, this blog is about my own creative writing and life experiences, but today I want to share another story. A friend’s story.

Like everyone else, there is more to my life, and that includes associations with many people from a variety of backgrounds.

Hugh and Michelle Simmons are two of those people. They’re also two of the strongest and most beautiful people I have the honor of knowing.

The video below was made by Michelle, in honor of her husband, who suffered a devastating motorcycle crash just one month after their marriage.

It was also made to honor the trauma teams and orthopedic specialists at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center – the premier emergency care facility in Silicon Valley – as well as for Michelle and Hugh’s many, many friends, of whom I am humbled to call myself one.

The video speaks for itself, so I won’t add anything more about it except to say that I love them both for sharing this with their many friends and family, with the hospital staff, and a special thanks for allowing me to share it with you.

But I would like to add one other thought. Despite a deep economic crisis and loud skepticism targeted at the public health care system in general, San Jose’s Valley Medical Center remains one of the most highly regarded emergency and trauma facilities in the Bay Area. Almost everyone in Silicon Valley knows of someone whose life was saved by the urgent and professional action of the medical teams there, and for that we are all grateful.

So enjoy, and remember to live like you were dying.


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