En Vidrio

Dan Holden's Creative Writing

Dead Again

by Dan Holden

Jimmy leans closer over the cloth-covered table, between two thin white candles. He brings a hand up to half cover his face.

“I’m driving along,” he whispers, “Thinking to myself, ‘Good sex is like a spiritual awakening, deeply personal, intensely intimate, exactly right, completely overwhelming.’”

He smiles at her warmly, then his lips quiver ever so slightly.

“I like that,” she whispers back, her huge doe eyes shining in the candlelight. The room feels suddenly smaller, warmer, more intimate.

“Thank you,” he says, looking into his coffee. His expression is suddenly anguished.

“What’s the matter?” she asks sincerely.

“A-All of the sudden,” he says, choking back emotion, “I have this insane thought like I just got broadsided by a huge truck, lights and sound and everything, right in my driver side door, BANG!” he says, waving his hand aside his face.

“I look up and I see that my light is red. I’m thinking, ‘Omigod, that was close.’” He looks at her, lost in recollection.

“Then I look off to the right to see where the truck went. It’s smashed up against a lightpole, my car is over there, and I see myself laying there in the middle of the street, bloody and fucked up, twitching like a dying fish in a pool of oil and gas – “

“Oh my god!” She exclaims.

“I look up again, and I’m in my own car, drifting into the next lane. There’s no truck anywhere. The whole thing was so real my lower back seized up like I’ve been bracing for the shock. So I kept driving. Now it’s clenching so hard I can barely stand it. But I’m alive, I’m here. And I have no explanation for it.”

She straightens up and laughs nervously. “You’re freaking me out!” she says.

“You should have been there,” he says, looking past her.

“Well I’m glad I wasn’t!” She laughs again. “Is this some sort of a joke?” She looks around to see what he might be looking at, but there is only the restaurant window.

“No joke,” he says. “It just happened, on my way here.”

Author’s note: This is a bit from a screenplay that I am working on. Please vote to show me what you think, I also welcome feedback.


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